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LIBERATED DENSITY is a Pandora's box filled with two decades of journaled secrets that has recently been unhinged. From a young bullied teen, to a successful young adult-- carrying the same fragile heart through failed relationship to failed relationship-- I begin to question what or who really deserves the power that comes with owning another's heart. As fickle humans, we are incapable of loving or being loved purely. Pain always seems to accompany human love. Eventually, in a dream-like trance, I find myself pining for the unknown, the great beyond, the inhuman and immortal, the One comforter, and the One solace.

A mix of Fiona, Alanis, Florence, and Laura Marling inspiration come together in this 10 track, indie rock album to lead you down an Alice in Wonderland soundscape. Highlighting confused love and pain with melancholy whispers that will lead your deep slumber into another world.

Robots Don't Get High - Rae Chriss

"Robots Don't Get High"

Skin - Rae Chriss


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